The Art Of Margaret Warfield


Margaret WarfieldComment

Life is filled with opportunities, open doors... choices. The keys are in your hands. You decide what is best for you when these opportunities, open doors and choices are presented to you. I know that this is not easy when you have friends, family and life's voices in your head. But, taking the time to listen and ask yourself the hard questions is a show of wisdom. "What do I want?" What will fill me with joy and a since of accomplishment?" "Where do I want to go from here?"

I am not advocating that you do not seek council. However you should the advice that you receive, keep what feel right and toss the rest. When all is said and done, "Your Choices". are yours to make. They will lead you to the next phase in your journey.

The Challenge: Set aside time alone to listen, ponder and explore your vision of where you want to go. Then, make a plan (how will you attain your vision), write the plan in your journal, work your plan one step at a time.