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Art That Touches The Soul

"All art begins in your mind. First you think it, and then you craft it". 

                                                                                                                                           Margaret Warfield

Art, the creation of art, begins in the soul and spirit of the artist. I am often asked, "How long did it take you to create that piece of art?" I have come to understand that the art that pours out of me is and accumulation of my life's experiences. Therefore I can honestly say, "It , the piece of art, took all of my life in order to create it. 

The Journey

Since the early 1980's, my work has involved the creation of works on canvas and paper. Initially my work reflected images reminiscent of my childhood, i.e., landscapes of the hills of Tennessee. My chosen medium, at that time, was oil paints and occasionally pastels. Over the years, however, I switched to acrylic paints, enjoying the ease of covering a surface quickly with vibrant opaque colors. In the early 1990’s I began to paint scenes of African tribesmen and women. This was a result of many trips to book stores and libraries where I researched and studied facets of African culture. During this time I also re-discovered my love of cloth and my wish to create flowing fabrics, on the bodies of my images,   READ MORE

Hallelujah Anyhow                                                                                30 X 40                                                                                        1,500.00

I Dream                                                                                               12 X 12                                                                                        325.00

A Time To Praise                                                                                    24 x 30                                                                                               1,700.00

A Time To Praise                                                                                    24 x 30                                                                                               1,700.00


                                                       Polymer clay workshops available

 Distinctive Trappings / Wearable art

Versatility makes polymer clay distinctive. The clay is available in numerous colors and blends, like paint, without losing their inherent color.

The finished product is light weight and  each bead is exquisite. I add metal  beads,   Tagua nuts,   bone beads  and  natural  beads  (seed pods)  to  some  of  my  creations, giving  them a flair for the unusual.

              One-of-a-kind polymer clay necklace                                                        47.00

Hand made flat polymer clay beads

Mixed media polymer clay necklace                                                                         40.00


...hand made polymer clay beads , bone and  wood beads

Polymer clay earrings for pierced ears                                    20.00. 


Stylized earrings for pierced ears



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The potential for strength, endurance, inventiveness and creativity exist in every human being God created.
— M. Wallace

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