The Art Of Margaret Warfield

Seven Days of, "Encouraging Words And Art"

InspirationMargaret WarfieldComment

Communicating thoughts, desires, passions or dreams is pertinent to a well-balanced life. Effective interchange between people allows us to discover our differences as well as the common threads that bind us together.

I have found that the state of an artist's mind is propelled onto a blank canvas for the world to see and experience. This causes the art to come alive and explode with energy, color and movement. Isn't that what life is about, constant change, bustling vigor and a desire to connect. It, life, is a dance that requires a persistent re-evaluation of the steps that one takes to maintain cohesion with self and others.

As artist our words are made visible through the art that we create. As "humans",we are called to communicate through words, guestures, songs etc. Our words are powerful and should be used to build each other up. To inspire.

The Challenge:Seek someone to encourage, today. You do not need to know the person that you decide to encourage. Be truthful, smile and say...