The Art Of Margaret Warfield

Two Up

Margaret Warfield1 Comment

It has been quite a while, if ever, that I have had two unfinished paintings on the easel. This is not normal for me. Although these days, I have had some difficulty determining, "What normal for me" look's like. Coming to a place in my life that is called, "My New Normal" is a challenge,is scary and Yet I realize that it is a door opening for me to began again.

So, two paintings up, may be my new normal. The first painting titled, "Go Your Way" comes from a place with-in me that says, be still and listen for directions form God that's intended for me. This is not a comfortable place for me, because I've discovered that I am a person of action/ a fixer as well. A life lesson for the journey:Be still, pray, listen, and "Go Your way".

The second painting, "Grace for the Moment", a humble declaration that I am seeking God's grace each moment of every day. My plan is to create a three piece series of, "Grace For The Moment". The vision: three dancers connected and unified by a multi-colored fabric that's flowing gracefully to and from each dancer. Can you see the finished painting, in your minds eye?