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Let Us Not Forget

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As I sit here on this cold beautiful December morning it occurs to me that this year is swiftly coming to an end. Much has happened over the months of this year, in each of our lives. The good, the bad and the downright ugly circumstances that formed the dayes of our lives, this year, will make us strong. I believe.

The Challenge Take some time over the remaining days of 2016, to embrace the memorable occurrences, sort through them, and learn from them so that you will move forward in confident hope as you enter 2017. I am not saying, "Make New Year's Resolutions." Often times they, New Year's Resoultions," do not stick. The process of self-examination, that I am recommending, will require some, "me time."

This, me time, will allow you to gather your thoughts, re-arrange, re-new and yes trash habits that are no longer appropiate for your life style. I have come to believe that "Habits are a monster," But we will talk about that somewhere down the road.

Five items to help you prepare to enter your, me time. (1.)Turn on your favorite relaxing music (2.)Gater: paper/ note pad and pencil/ pen (3.)Relax and allow your mind to focus on changes that you want to make (4.)Jot those chamges down on your note pad with a start date (5.)Review your plans and adjust them, as needed, in order to accomplish your goals.

Let Us Not Forget, the power of prayer, joy, peace, laughter, hope, family and friendship.

The inspiration for 'Let Us Not Forget" is a painting that I just finished called, "I Am Not Alone." Visit: