The Art Of Margaret Warfield

Enjoy The Journey

Margaret Warfield1 Comment

All art begins in your mind. First you think it, and then you craft it. Sometimes, however the thought, when allowed to run wild, makes many changes before it reaches its final state. To me, this is the fun part and the most difficult part. Fun, if I let go and enjoy the journey of creating and difficult if I am not willing to accept the changes that develop as I create.
What challenges do you face when beginning a new project? How do you overcome them?
When I am “stuck” I often ignite my creative mind by returning to something familiar. For me, that’s painting pears. Yes, the fruit. Many years ago I discovered the beauty of pears, their sensual shapes and magnificent colors. So, when I am stuck I paint pears. I have been known, to shape pears on a ground as large as 30x40 and as small as 2x3.
Oh, the joy of escaping from the state of “stuck-ness” Is that a word?  NO, but I am sure that you get what I am talking about. 
Find your state of “unstuck-ness” and enjoy the journey.