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Never Thought...

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Much to my surprise my latest post on Facebook reached over 4000 people. So you say, “What does this have to do with me?” Maybe more than you think. How many times do we underestimate the unfamiliar circumstances that occur in our lives? We assume that these incidences are mistakes, bumps in the road, that are mere distractions. Maybe we should not be so eager to dismiss the out of the ordinary, in our lives. This tiny piece of art actually began over 4 years ago. Its purpose, I thought, was a whimsical necklace. But that didn’t happen. I tucked it, the strange smiling face, into a drawer and forgot about it. The “smiling face,” was not something that I thought of as, “Art That Touches The Soul.” Yet I created it for some unknown reason. Several weeks ago, God caused me to stumble upon the tiny mask that was beneath my expectations of my art. He, God, gave me new eyes to see the potential that was hidden within the strange “smiling face.” This “not me” piece of art, was destine for rebirth. So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and began to assemble the bones for a piece of art that would eventually cause people to pause. I give thanks to God for stirring me to become bold enough to release the “smiling face” that is now called Praise. An appropriate title because of its long journey to becoming visible in this world whose, focuses is on pretty faces. So again you may ask, “What does this story have to do with you?” My hope is that you, too, will release that hidden desire, thought, dream that thing that is hidden in the drawer of your mind, soul or spirit that is beckoning release me, so the world can see, enjoy, grow - because of your bold move.

The Challenge: Take a deep breath and release your hidden dreams.